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Meet Nikki Burns

My name is Dominique "Nikki" Burns and I help 6-figure multi-family buy and hold investors save on average $50K+ in taxes and maximize cash flow using my W.E.A.L.T.H. Method. I have helped hundreds of taxpayers save thousands of dollars in taxes, hundreds of hours in time, maximize their cash flow, and plan for the upcoming years so they are not hit with a huge tax bill. 

Before starting my own accounting & tax practice, I worked in various industries, including real estate. I have been passionate about the field of accounting and taxes and had always been curious how I could save on taxes. After working for the IRS and other tax firms, I have gained an understanding of how the tax code work.

My goals are to help thousands of real estate investors maximize cash flow, pay the least in taxes, and educate them on things that will financially impact their lives and business. Want to learn how I will help your business achieve success in paying the least in taxes and maximizing your cash flow? Click the button below to book a call with me.

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